1. Comparison between Laudate Dominum and Raodate

    Old Gregorian chant sung in Spain at 16th century: Laudate Dominum, Chant of Kakure Kirishitan (Hidden Christian) transformed and sung for over 400 years in Ikitsuki Island, Hirado, Nagasaki, Japan: Raodate

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  2. Otaiya - PREVIEW

    In the sixteenth century Portuguese Catholic missionaries introduced Christianity to Japan. The religion flourished for about fifty years, but by 1614 the Tokugawa government issued an edict that outlawed Christianity and expelled the missionaries from J

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  3. The Hidden Christians of Japan

    Since Japan's rulers outlawed Christianity in the sixteenth century, believers have hidden their faith. But what began as Christianity has evolved into something quite different.

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  4. Zen - Principles and Practices

    This Documentary is all about rinzai zen and Zen in common. It will give you a bit of insight how Zen is lived in a strict monastery order and how it influenced so many things.

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