1. L'Indonésie, entre démocratie musulmane et Islam intégral. Histoire du parti Masjumi (1945-1960)

    Premier pays musulman du monde, l'Indonésie donna naissance, dans la décennie ayant suivi son indépendance, à l'une des tentatives les plus abouties pour concilier principes islamiques et démocratie.

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  2. Interrelationships between the temples of Central Java

    A number of suggestions have been made on interrelationships between Central Javanese temples, Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut, Sewu, and Loro Jonggrang. Also, a number of different suggestions have been made to place the monuments chronologically within the fra

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  3. The Mosque below the Winds : Religious Architecture in the Malay world

    Hindu-Buddhist edifices enshrined the sacred. The mosques that supplanted them gradually shifted towards increasingly diverse attempts to build beautiful places of assemblage.

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  4. Nail of the World: mandalas and axes in ancient Java

    Did “traditional” non-Western cities evolve as ceremonial or economic centers? Mandala concepts were influential in central Java’s temples, but there are no comparable temples in east Java. East Java’s capital Trowulan may have been designed as an

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