1. Paharpur, le plus grand monastère bouddhique d’Asie du Sud

    Classé au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité (UNESCO) et principal site archéologique du Bangladesh, le monastère bouddhique de Paharpur a fait l’objet de plusieurs campagnes de fouilles, sans pour autant révéler tous ses mystères. Cette confére

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  2. De Bodhgayā à Kukkuteśvara: La grotte-sanctuaire coréenne de Seokguram et les inspirations indiennes

    Seokguram is probably the most renowned Buddhist monument in Korea. This cave sanctuary founded in the middle of the eighth century embodies the vision of the world and the sacred pantheon cherished by Silla Buddhists. In this process, it freely made use

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  3. La roue de la vie dans les temples bouddhiques

    One of the first sights encountered by visitors to Buddhist temples is a large painting of the wheel of rebirth, depicting in horrific detail the pains (less often the pleasures) that await people after death. In this illustrated talk, Stephen F. Teiser e

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  4. Providing for the Buddha: monastic centres in Eastern India

    This paper attempts to address one of the issues of the series, viz. patronage, not just the relationship between Buddhist monastic centres and kings, but more significantly the lay community and its continuing support of monks and nuns and sponsorship of

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  5. The Buddha’s Nirvana and Medieval Chinese Relic Deposits

    The Buddha Sakymuni’s entry into nirvana was a moment of great significance in the history of Buddhism. Pictorial representations of this event began to gain prevalence in China in the sixth century and had remained a major subject in Chinese Buddhist a

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  6. New discoveries in the Buddhist art of South India...

    Recent discoveries and excavations have significantly transformed the map of ancient Buddhist India. One of the most impressive of the new sites is Phanigiri in Andhra Pradesh – a hill-top monastic complex with a large stupa and numerous other structure

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  7. Les ornements de la Cité d’Allégresse. Une illustration moderne du Sûtra du Lotus au Japon

    Les amateurs de cinéma japonais connaissent les films de Tora-san, dont l’un des personnages est l’abbé du temple de Taishaku-ten dans le quartier populaire de Shibamata, à la périphérie de Tôkyô. L’une des merveilles de ce temple, au nom com

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  8. Refashioning space: The Shwedagon in British Burma (Myanmar)

    The Buddhist arts of Myanmar, drawing in varied concepts of direction and boundary to sacred place, have developed a richly localized vocabulary over periods of both amalgamation and conflict. The late nineteenth century CE was one of the latter, when at

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  9. The temples and ritual sites of the walled Pyu cities of Burma

    The temples and ritual sites of the walled Pyu cities of Burma Throughout the First Millennium AD, walled sites enclosing up to 13 square kilometres were constructed in Upper Burma and in Arakan, near the Bangladesh border. Archaeology has given us a win

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