1. FinetuneDesktop

    [en] The Finetune Desktop is the ultimate companion to your Finetune profile. With this application, you can listen to user created playlists as well as dynamic playlists dedicated to artists and tags. Finetune Desktop gives you quick access to your custo

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  2. iScrobber

    [en] access to download page of the lattest version of the iTunes Plugin for notifie Last.fm

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  3. Jamloader

    [en es fr pt] Upload your music to Jamendo

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  4. Last.fm player

    [fr en es pt] L’installation de Last.fm sur votre ordinateur vous permet de scrobbler(?) vos morceaux, de partager vos goà»ts musicaux, d’écouter vos flux radios personnalisés et de faire de nouvelles rencontres et des découvertes musicales.

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  5. Musicmobs

    [en] Mobster plays the XSPF files you download from Musicmobs in iTunes and lets you post your playlists to your Musicmobs page. Mobster also syncs your stats to Musicmobs and grabs recommendations for the music you listen to.

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  6. MusicIP Mixer

    [en] MusicIP Mixer is the best tool on the market for creating custom playlists based on similar artists, tracks or albums. Our free software offers a variety of mix features and options to help you get the most out of your personal music library.

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  7. PandoraJam

    [en] PandoraJam enables fans of the fantastic Pandora.com music service to easily listen, record and stream tunes to an Airport Express. With support for scrobbling tracks to Last.fm, PandoraJam is essential software for net music lovers everywhere.

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  8. Simplify Media

    [en] Simplify Media software lets you share your music using iTunes. It is simple, safe and legal to access your home music library over the internet and to connect with friends and family. Simplify Media is a free download for PC and Mac, and it works

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